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Our goal is to present the best FREE payroll processing solutions.

For the new business striving to succeed in its initial year, it's important to make sure all aspects of accounting and finances are properly managed. Some smaller companies, often family owned and operated, may tend to handle the books simply, using spreadsheet programs to chart hours worked and money owed and spent. This may work for a short while, but should the business grow and expand the need for more sophisticated software will come into play. It's never too early to think of implementing a payroll software program that integrates with other platforms in your business to keep everything running smoothly.

As your business booms, it will arguably become necessary to hire on more help. Payroll management, however, involves more than setting a wage and distributing the correct amount each week or twice monthly. There are many factors to consider: insurance, taxes, 401(K)s where applicable, sick leave, and vacation leave. Paying yourself greatly differs from the responsibility of your employees' wages. At this point, you will need a complete software package in addition to time clock software to properly track when and how much workers are compensated.

As opposed to manual spreadsheet work, payroll and time clock software provide accurate record keeping of hours worked, leave taken, and other activities involved in your business. Time clock software works in concert to track exactly when an employee checks in and out of work.

To determine which brand of payroll and time clock programs are best for your company, consult with a provider for more information. Implementation of such programs could involve more than buying a package at a department store - you need to be certain all software used is customized to work with your company, and that your accounting people are readily trained to handle the changes.